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THE TWILIGHT OF THE DEBTS (Το λυκόφως των χρεών / 2017)

A political melodrama after Richard Wagner's "The Twilight of the Gods" (1876)
Commissioned by the Greek National Opera

By Dimitris Dimopoulos, Alexandros Efklidis & Kharálampos Goyós
Roles: Brunnhilde (sop), Sotiris (ten), Merten (bas), Modernisation/Old Man/Metternich (bar), Logic/Third Melina/First Woman from Souli (sop), Second Melina/Second Woman from Souli (mez), First Melina/Third Woman from Souli (alt), Busts (2 ten, 2 bas)
Orchestra: fl/picc, ob/eh, cl[Bb/A]/bcl, hn, pf4h, vn, vc, cb
Duration: 2h15'

Plot: The Greek voter loses her confidence in the political Hero and the Acropolis blows up. An exploration of the links between the Modern Greek and Romantic German Imaginary.

First production: October 6, 2017–January 19, 2018, Greek National Opera - Alternative Stage / 12 performances
Musical direction: Kharálampos Goyós
Stage direction: Alexandros Efklidis
Cast: Julia Souglakou (Brunnhilde), Dimitris Paksoglou (Sotiris), Tassos Apostolou / Petros Magoulas (Modernisation/Old Man/Metternich), Myrtò Bocolini / Fotini Kostopoulos (Logic/Third Melina/First Woman from Souli), Irini Karaianni (Second Melina/Second Woman from Souli), Margarita Syngeniotou (First Melina/Third Woman from Souli), Ioannis Kalyvas, Yannis Filias, Mihalis Katsoulis, Vasilis Dimakopoulos (Busts)

Critical commentary:

Paraphrasing Wagner: Greek National Opera’s Twilight of the Debts, an article by Anna Papaeti on CHRONOS magazine













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kharálampos goyós

Greek National Opera / 2017
Photo by Gerasimos Domenikos

Greek National Opera / 2017
Photo by Gerasimos Domenikos