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LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND THE (GOOD) WOLF (Η Κοκκινοσκουφίτσα και ο (καλός) λύκος / 1998)

Parody-opera by Kharálampos Goyós
Libretto: Yannis Filias

Cast: Dialekti Kampakou (Little Red Riding Hood), Vagelis Maniatis (Wolf), Babis Velissarios, Diamantis Karanastasis (Narrator/Hunter)
Musicians from the Orchestra of Colours
Musical direction: Vassilis Christopoulos

Recorded at the Action Studio, Athens, in February 2005 and mixed at Studio D, ERT, Athens, in November 2005
Engineers: Thanasis Tampakis, Tasos Bakasietas

CD published by the Orchestra of Colours/Greek Record Club in 2008

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